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Post  dmitrik81 on Sat Apr 06, 2013 4:39 am

hello admin! you wrote that payment maksimum 4 days but I wait already it is not more than 7 days and payments! when I bought for you elite I confirmed payment as you asked! why is not payment?


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Post  Admin on Sun Apr 07, 2013 1:09 am

First, the payout per TOS 7 is 0-20 days
The reason
why payments on PayPal are more than 7 days Pending
you could see from this mesage that I sent to all members.


For faster payments to PayPal, any member who invests through PayPal Should confirm your payment.

The current state of our PayPal account is
PayPal balance: $1,051.03 USD
Available balance: $322.47 USD
Pending balance: $728.56 USD
Total balance (including available and pending amounts): $1,051.03 USD

So, we have to account for more than $ 1000, but only $ 322.47 is available.

When we have $ 500 of available funds, we will withdraw to our credit card and then pay our members.

From this example, you see how important it is to quickly confirm your payment.

Faster confirm your payment, the faster you get your earnings.

How to confirm your payment?

Go to your Paypal and
Find your payment. In the column Order Status / Action
click the Confirm Receipt.

Thanks, Admin

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